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What happens when the pioneer in pork teams up with an American beer icon?

Pure. Grilling. Magnificence.

Coleman Natural Foods is proud to introduce the Budweiser BBQ Collection, bringing three new fully cooked pork products to a grill near you: Smoked Ribs, Pulled Pork, and Bratwurst. Your only problem now is deciding which one to choose.

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Supreme Smoked Ribs

St. Louis-style Smoked Ribs

It’s been said that a classic can’t be improved. We beg to differ. We’ve given antibiotic-free, crate-free, St. Louis-style spare ribs the royal treatment by slathering them in a BBQ sauce infused with the taste of Budweiser Lager Beer, giving them the satisfying flavor you’ve come to expect from two American classics.

Pulled Pork, Perfected

Pulled Pork, Perfected

Tender, succulent pulled pork won’t ever be the same again. The authentic Budweiser Lager Beer flavor you know and love can now be enjoyed with every bite after irresistible bite. Skip the boring, and bring the best to the table.

The Baron of Bratwurst

Raising the Bar for Bratwurst

Beer and brats have always gone well together. Now you can get the satisfying taste of both in a single bite. Coleman Natural®* pork plus real Budweiser taste makes for a brat you can believe in.

Variety Pack

BBQ Variety Pack

Grab a six pack in one hand and a Budweiser BBQ Variety Pack in the other and you’ve got what we call a well-balanced meal.

The Secret Sauce

The Secret Sauce

We’re not one to keep secrets, especially with this sauce. Want to bring your own game to the grill? Go for it.